Rob's News 

by  Rob Saunders

​​Sporadic jottings, starting with the most recent and getting progressively older. 
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March 2019.  Had the one-week solo show at Broward Art Guild,  shared it with photographer Anthony Timiraos. We showed a combined total of 76 pieces. It took a lot of work and planning but looked great. Reception was a big success. I sold two large paintings (Migrant and Outcast). 

Jan 2019.  Another BAG plein air competition in Flamingo Gardens. Won first place (not grand prize, thankfully. See Jan 2018 entry.)  

January 2018. Enjoyed another BAG plein air competition, this time at Flamingo Gardens. About two dozen artists entered, all the pieces are currently on display in local gallery there.  Update: Stunned! Heard my Gray Gardens won the Grand Prize -- a week-long solo show at the BAG gallery! Have to get busy, that's a big space :-)

January 2018.  Set up the tent for Art Walk on Wilton Drive. Good spot on the Jaycee Park area. Sold 2 drawings and a few prints.

Jan 2018. Entered two paintings in the Arts United show ArtExplosion. Thrilled that Sublimation was awarded Best of Show!  Update: Sublimation sold during the AU Fashion Reaction show (part of ArtExplosion)!  Very happy :-)

December 2017, a collector walked into the last days of the Winter Salon show at Broward Art Guild and bought my painting Flotsam.

In Aug 2017, a pastel drawing Looking at You (ie, Chuck) was awarded a Judge’s Recognition in the BAG Human Image show.

In April 2017, participated in the plein air competition at Bonnet House, organized by BAG.  First outdoor painting experience. Got first place for Black Lagoon, and it was bought at the silent auction.

Apr 2017. Entered two 12x12 paintings in Art & Soul, more or less a pair; both were bought.

Honorable Mention for a pastel drawing in BAG Spring Fling show, March 2017.

Feb 2017. Pleased to say a collector bought Born of the Earth, during Tedd Davis’ Heartthrob show.

Jan 2017 . Peter Meyerhoefer organized a one-night show in a friend’s loft called Boys Will Be Boys, with my stuff and photos by Tony Timiraos. Three pastels sold.

January 2017. Won "Best Painting" for Born of the Earth at ArtsUnited show ArtExplosion, and sold a drawing of Biscuit during the one-night pop-up Erotic Show.  February update: "Born of the Earth" sold at Tedd Davis' Heartthrob show.

December 2016. Oil and cold wax painting "Forged in the Fire" sold to a collector from Atlanta, through Rossetti Fine Art gallery.

November 2016. Participated in Metro Art Walk on the plaza outside the new Metropolitan apartments.  Got some new signage for the tent.

October 2016: I paid GoDaddy to give my site a facelift, a fresher look than before. Overall, I like it a lot. Let me know what you think.  One thing, though, really bugs me. When you bring up a picture, the caption is overlaid at the bottom -- and it obscures what is often an important part of the image. I asked for a change but apparently this is the way it is, like it or not. Until GoDaddy offers some format options for captions, and if you would like to see an entire, unobstructed image, I suggest you right-mouse-click on the thumbnail and "open image in new tab". (That's on a PC. Not sure how it works on a Mac.)

After the 2016 Summer Heat show closed in August, Tom Rossetti kept "Emperor's New Clothes" and "Risen from the Sea" for the gallery. They both sold in September, to visitors to Ft L; one buyer was from NY, the other from VA. That brings total pieces sold since 2011 to 81.

Excited to be moving into much more abstracted territory. Nervous to see if anyone else likes it :-) 

The 2015-16 Art Walk season along Wilton Drive got off to a rocky start as the opening event in November 2015 was rained out, but it has been getting better. Averaging 2-3 drawings sold and a half-dozen prints per month. BTW, total tally of sold pieces now stands at 73. 

A friend pointed out that I haven't updated this page for a while. So, at the risk of a "small pond medium fish" litany, here goes  --  I sold "Endymion" during the BAG Tri-County show 2015; won Best Drawing at the ArtsUnited Proud 2015 show, and it sold; won Best in Show at the BAG Portals 2015 show; sold a sexy piece at the AU Naughty show; and just won Best Drawing at the AU Art Explosion 2016 exhibit. There were a couple of other Hon Mentions and Merit Awards along the way. There, I've said it.

Another season has come and gone, and the 2014-15 monthly Art Walk on Wilton Drive was a successful and fun event. Had my own space and even sprang for my own tent.

On a whim, tallied up the number of sold paintings and drawing (not counting prints or donations) -- comes to 39 since the first sale in 2011.

November 2013 to April 2014 (except December), participated in the monthly ArtWalk on Wilton Drive, sharing a booth with Diane Delorey outside Alibi bar (thanks Alibi). Fun, good networking and sold a total of 16 originals during the season -- 6 of them during the last hurrah in April. Can't remember how many prints were bought, maybe two dozen.

December 2013. Sold two pieces ("Woe" and "Pec") in the BAG Small Works show.

August 2013, two of three submissions accepted for Rossetti's Summer Heat show, but not much interest.

July 2013, In BAG Summer Exhibit, the pastel of Alex "Dignitas" got a Judge's Recognition.

June 2013. In the ArtsUnited show United & Proud, "Conspiracy Theorist" (cropped down portrait of Chris with beard) won Best Painting.

June 2013.  Sold "Unforgiven" via Tom Rossetti's new gallery, sold "Blonde/Blue" and the painting of Bill "Emperor's New Clothes" to Barbara Fischer, and sold a pastel of Antonio via Kirk Nicklas's online gallery.

May 2013. Entered two things in the BAG Human Image Show -- the pastel of Mike "More or Less" got a Judge's Recognition and the painting of Tommy "Bandana" was bought.

April 2013. Only one item accepted in the Arts United Art Explosion show -- but it sold. The pastel of Bill "Male Back".

April 2013. In the BAG Spring Salon, Blonde/Blue got a Judge's recognition.

March 2013. Entered Jett "Dare Me" and "Unforgiven" in the BAG Tri-County show, both accepted (surprising in case of the big nude).  "Unforgiven" got a Judge's Recognition.

February 2013.  Invited to exhibit in the Studio 18 "Figuratively Speaking" show, seven pieces selected.  Entered two drawings in the B.A.G. "Black & White" show, and one was awarded a "Judge's Recognition".

December 2012.  Sold a pastel "Shoulder" in the Broward Art Guild "Small Works" show. The ArtsUnited "Winners" show was held at the LGBT Visitor Center in Miami Beach, and the painting of Dan "Thinking Back" was bought, I believe by the stepmother of Steve Rothaus who blogs for the Miami Herald on LGBT issues.

September 2012. For ArtsUnited Naughty Show, entered large painting "Red Sheet" and charcoal drawing "Junior". The drawing won a "Judge's Recognition, and someone bought it!

June 2012, entered two paintings in ArtsUnited show United & Proud. Painting ofDan "Thinking Back" won "Best Painting" award!

Also in June, sold 4 drawings -- two of Greg, one of Randy, and one of Alfonso.

May 2012. Invited to show works in Fort Lauderdale City Hall lobby. Hung 9 pieces for a month.

March 2012, at the Kaleidoscope show at the Rossetti gallery, the painting of Fred"Caught in the Headlights" was accepted along with the class demo painting of Loraine"Up 'Do" -- and Loraine got a Merit Award.

Also in March 2012.  Won the "Best Drawing" award at the ArtExplosion show for with Alejandro "Guy With Long Hair".  Also, the show was used as the venue for a Lamda Legal gathering, and a member bought the painting of Carl "Spring Awakening".

Portrait Class at Rossetti studio started again Jan. 5 2012, and core faithfuls showed up. Great to see them, but would like a couple more.

January 2012. Entered "Bryan with Cupcake" in Broward Art Guild's Winter 2012 show, awarded a Judge's Recognition -- again!  (Would like a ribbon other than white, ha ha). Greg head demo (ie, "Greg the Cage Warrior") also entered and accepted -- and guess what!  It won the People's Choice award! 

Last portrait class of the year on Dec 8, because of holidays. Basically had a core group of 4-5 "students" with other occasional drop-ins.  Not bad.  Certainly enjoyed doing it and hope to continue in 2012.

Dec 3: Got a Judge's Recognition ribbon at the Broward Art Guild's "Small Works" show, for a charcoal head study.

Starting Sept. 22, 2011, I'll be teaching a weekly portrait painting class on Thursday evenings, at Tom Rossetti's studio/gallery in Pompano Beach. More details at, or call the studio at 954 247 9580 .

Taught a second portrait painting workshop at Rossetti Fine Arts in Pompano Beach ( on August 20 2011. [The first one in June went very well.] 

Sold the painting of Dan as Hamlet "Whether 'tis Nobler...", in June 2011.